One Week Later

It has been just over a week since I tried to tell people a little about how tough it is. This will be much briefer than the last post. I want to share two things.

First, thank you all for listening and your comments and your support. As we have always said – we can’t do it without you. We had our friends and neighbours over on Saturday, about 40 people, to share some time together and to thank them for everything they have done for us. Some have spent lots of time at our home and some have just said hello and waved as they walked by. Both ends of the spectrum are very important to us. Just making the effort for that human contact makes such a difference.

The 2nd piece is that if I have improved it is only marginally. I still struggle day to day, not having any personal or quiet time. It is now 7 PM on Monday evening and I finally have a few moments to myself. Isabelle has gone to yoga and I am home alone for a few minutes. It is hard to get started as I really just feel overwhelmed and want to sit in the peace and do nothing.

A lot of you have emailed, texted or phoned and I haven’t responded. I am going to slowly start working through my piles of contacts and try to get caught up. Please be patient. I am doing my best.

The weather continues to improve here on the West Coast. It will give me the ability to be outside much more. I think it truly helps my morale. Getting away from electronic screens and feeling the sun really makes a difference. I think all of us should probably take that advice and go outside for a while. And turn off the electronics.

I will try to write regularly about my struggles. That in itself will be a battle. A lot of it will sound like the same thing over and over. But then, life is mostly the same thing over and over. I will let you know what seems to help me improve my situation. I do know we have adjusted my sleeping medication and that seems to help. Sadly, I say yes to drugs. Times have changed.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and keeping up in our lives. My physical recovery has reached its limit. Now the mental recovery is at the forefront and that may take the rest of my life.